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About Us

About Gyan Sampark

Who we are:

Gyan Sampark is an initiative by Dr Sujata Menon in teaching and training in the field of History, Culture and Heritage. The larger objective of this initiative is in popularizing the study of social sciences in particularly the study of History , Culture and Heritage. At a time when the charm and demand from professional courses in Engineering and Management is showing a waning trend , Humanities and in particularly History helps in developing a set of skills , emanating from an organized thought process. Analysis and Interpretation of facts , gathering and assessing complex set of information, condensing facts arguments and counter views , and in developing decision making skills. . Further connecting the study of History to contemporary activities like Heritage, tourism , Law, Journalism to name a few, helps students in analysis and organizing their thoughts and research in a coherent way. One of the methodologies is in encouraging students to take up History as a subject discipline and in preparing them conduct research and study the subject for preparing for the competitive examinations

What we do:

  • Gyan Sampark assists organization, individuals and NGOs from the Social Sciences discipline on Research methodology, Thesis preparations, Proposal making and other documentation works.
  • Gyan Sampark conducts Teachers Training Programs and Skill up gradation workshops for social science teachers and grass root level workers .
  • Gyan Sampark provides publication support in content development and Copy editing of manuscripts, project and technical reports, research reports and PhD thesis in the field of History Culture and Heritage
  • Gyan Sampark Gyan Sampark provides training and grooming individuals preparing for competitive examinations in History Culture and Heritage

Whom we serve:

  • Gyan Sampark serve Under graduate and Graduate students in providing support in terms of material and coaching for preparation for the civil services and other competitive examination .
  • Gyan Sampark act as a tourism advisor in association with in guiding tourist in selecting the right tourist packages and in providing advises on the destinations with their historical and heritage information.
  • Gyan Sampark serve, Schools , Organizations and NGOs in the field of History Culture and Heritage

Why choose us

GyanSampark is an initiative from a professional historian and academician with expertise in providing teaching and training (Click to check Dr. Sujata Menon’s Profile)

How we work:

  • We provide offline and on line services to our students through downloadable content , skype discussions and personal teaching:
    Students interested may call Dr Sujata Menon in +919824006698 and fix online or offline appointments

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