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Publications & Downloads

Publications & Downloads

In this section you get information and links to our publications. It will also give you access to white papers, articles and papers published in various journals:


Oral History – Reconstructing the living past (English) 1st Edition

Our first published book is categorized under Research Methodology (ISBN No 978-93-81542-354) where Oral testimonies are used as a means for primary research. This is the first book on Oral History published in India and is available on all online bookstores. The publishers are Cinnamon Teal.

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Concise History of Modern India for Civil Services Examination

A lucid, sequential narration of the important events, personalities and turning points that defined the shaping of Modern India is what Concise History of Modern India is all about. The subject matter of the book largely focuses on the UPSC aspirants. Beginning with the advent of the Portuguese in Calicut in 1498 , Part I of the book goes on to briefly describe the arrival of the other European colonial powers leading to the rise of the East India Company and its emergence as a paramount colonial power in India. Part II of the book narrates the subsequent political events after the 1857 revolt, economic and social repercussions of the colonial rule, and emergence of social and political reform movement culminating into national movement, resulting in India’s independence in 1947. The description of the events and personalities are supported by extra information in boxed layout. Concise History of Modern India serves the multipurpose requirements of not only UPSC aspirants but also for students preparing for various competitive exams. It also fulfils the need for those who are interested to have a concise and informative knowledge on modern Indian history.

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We have provided links to our research papers, published in reputed journals. These are downloadable with a nominal fee of $5.

Our Research Publications :

  • IMPACT OF RELIGION IN THE GROWTH OF FEMALE EDUCATION AMONG THE JAIN COMMINITY OF GUJARAT: (1850-1901) : This paper was published by ‘’Sambodhi”, the Journal of LD Institute of Indology Ahmadabad (Volume XXVI) in 2003: It looks into the role played by Jainism as a religion in encouraging women’s education in the State of Gujarat, at a time when women were devoid of education in the society. The claims have been substantiated by looking into the life and times of two Jain women of the period, Jadaybai and Harkot Setani .
  • GUJARAT VERNACULAR SOCIETY: FROM COLONIST’S INSTITUTION TO AN AGENCY FOR DECOLONIZATION: (1848-1900) : Gujarat vernacular society was set up by the British in 1848 in Ahmedabad with an objective of giving education to  the youth of Gujarat through the vernacular language and ‘civilize’ the native population . The article argues on how this Institution set up by the British, later became part of the social reform movements in Gujarat and acted as a collective force for the decolonization efforts of the later 20th Century freedom struggle. This research work was published by ‘’Samipya” the journal of BJ Institute of learning and Research, Ahmedabad in 2008 (Volume XXV)
  • AN HISTORICAL ANALYSIS OF THE ECONOMIC IMPACT ON THE POLITICAL EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN IN BRITISH INDIA : This research paper was published by the International Journal of Afro Asean Studies in 2013 in their spring (April) edition. This widely acclaimed paper briefly reflects the position of women in Indian society in terms of their public participation. It will then reflect upon the emergence of British education and its impact on formally educated Indian women in terms of their public status and consequently to political empowerment. The paper also examines the correlation between women’s economic and political empowerment in modern India.
  • TRANSITION IN THE SYSTEM OF EDUCATION IN KUTCH DURING THE 18 CENTURIES : Kutch had its traditional educational system, prior to the British rule, and it did undergo a substantial change in its transition to the British education system. The paper analyses this transition in a feminist prospective. This paper was published by “Samipya” Journal of BJ Institute of learning, Ahmedabad in 2003 (Volume XIX)
  • NATIONALIST AND SWADESHI COMMERCIAL TRADITION: A STUDY OF CONNECTIVITY IN BAZAR STYLE MARKETING : Published by the ZENITH: The International Journal for multidisciplinary research in March 2012 Vol 2 , the research work analysis contemporary marketing in an historical prospective. Here the marketing communication methodologies of the Swadeshi period is described and linked to modern marketing methods and links India’s commercial traditions to modern management principles.
  • SEZs IN CROSS ISSUES AND OUR WAY AHEAD : Published by the New Delhi based, India development review in 2008, the paper gives an historical analysis of the evolution of Free Trade Zones, and the way ahead in terms of opportunities and threats in its implementation in India.


We invite research papers from the field of social sciences and management to be published in this space. A nominal fee will be charged for editing and publication.

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