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Services Overview

Services Overview

  • Research advisory service : Research services are provided in History Culture and heritage The rationales behind this service is in providing intellectual support to the researcher in Research Methodology, Data Sources, Expert advises and ensure that the researcher is able to come out with qualitative research. This service is meant for clients like SMEs, NGOs, Institutions and students who do not have the inbuilt human capital in conducting qualitative research. Here we take up assignment in the area were we have in-house expertise, and the deliverables will be through online and off line interactions spread over a stipulated time frame.
  • Direct Research Service: Here specific research assignments are taken up in the area of History, Culture and Heritage and conducts specific Research on Gender studies and Women’s Education with historical analysis, Social Impact assessment and skill requirement studies, Historical analysis of contemporary issues covering areas on gender, culture and education with a special focus on NRI needs , Oral History Projects for schools and colleges.
  • Consultancy Service:  Our consultancy services is focussed on Business Processes and Resource Management and  on providing strategic analysis in growth management, marketing strategies  to small and medium scale industries and entrepreneurs who does not have the inbuilt strength in engaging International consultants and agencies or does not have a strategic planning division . Such clients can seek our services and expertize in both long term and spot consultancy assignments
  • Training service : TThis is a collaborative service with organizations and individuals where we impart online and offline training to students and Institutions in the following areas:
  1. Business and corporate communication
  2. Sales Force Development and Sales Management
  3. Business Strategy and Business Development
  4. Teachers training programs for Schools
  5. Capacity building training for NGOs (management and staff). The training topic will based on personal interviews and self-assessment forms and will include topics like leadership, performance monitoring, communication marketing and budgeting.
  6. Mentoring career advice and planning for School Children
  • Publication and documentation service :

Under this scheme we provide service in the area of content and copy writing, editing services, preparation of proposals and project reports. We also facilitate in publication of e books and academic publications. Here we solicit client assignments from Major publishing houses, Academic and Research institutions and even from individuals.



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